The Grandview Estates Rural Water Conservation District (GERWCD) was formed after a ballot vote in November of 2007 to serve as a local government to facilitate water resource management, development, and conservation in Grandview Estates and throughout Douglas County through active participation in the Rural Water Authority of Douglas County (RWADC). Programs include researching and monitoring water supply, protecting individual exempt well supply and quality from outside influences. RWADC participation provides links between local, county, state and federal resource partners. Each property owner pays a small 1.5 mill levy tax annually to the District based on their assessed property value.

Historically, these funds have been utilized to fund the USGS well level and quality monitoring programs, water quality testing, adjudication of water rights, defense of water rights, annual financial reviews, and keeping residents aware of a variety of potential water issues surrounding Grandview Estates due to the recent development within Douglas County (including Chambers Reservoir).

Current Board Members

President – Terry McDonald
Vice President/Secretary – Charles Bucknam
Treasurer – Jim Deutsch
Board Member At Large – Two Vacant Positions

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held generally held the 4th Tuesday as scheduled starting at 7:00 p.m.

Mtg. location:  Various as scheduled.

All residents are welcome.


The current by-laws of the GERWCD are attached as a *.pdf file.