While the GEHA Board will continue to prepare/respond to referral responses on all proposed development received from Douglas County and the Town of Parker affecting our community, the GEHA Board is a volunteer organization and does not have the legal resources to effectively prevent development that is approved by either the Douglas County Commissioners or the Town of Parker Council.

The GEHA Board encourages all GVE residents to understand the issues facing our community and become more involved, as needed.

Update:  construction of the pipeline was completed in June of 2017.  Below is a brief historical perspective:

CH2M (the pipeline consulting and design firm) indicated that Layne Construction (general contractor) was installing the 42” steel pipeline from Main St. heading east towards Reuter Hess Reservoir. In addition, 3 of the 5 tunnels had been completed.

A more extensive overview of the entire project is available at:

Update:  The IGA between the Town of Parker ad Douglas County was terminated in May of 2018.  Following is a brief historical perspective:

As reported at the 1/25 meeting, the 4th Amendment to the IGA between the Town of Parker and Douglas County was passed by the Douglas County Commissioners at their land use hearing on 12/13/16.

As reported at the 1/25 meeting, the 4th Amendment to the IGA between the Town of Parker and Douglas County was passed by the Douglas County Commissioners at their land use hearing on 12/13/16.

The 4th amendment was done primarily for the benefit of Grandview Estates in order to correct an error made in the 3rd amendment which changed our designation from semi-rural to semi-urban for new/redevelopment purposes only. In addition, language regarding vehicular traffic connectivity was modified to support pedestrian, bicycle, and equestrian connectivity to adjacent communities and to/from Lincoln Avenue only.

UPDATE:  At the GEHA 5/25/16 quarterly resident meeting, the GEHA Board indicated that they will fully research the possibility of joint community ownership of the open space before proceeding with the name change from a HOA to a Neighborhood Association to ensure that the entity of an HOA would not be needed to be maintained.  The GEHA Board expects to complete this process by the end of June.

Several GVE residents had already contacted the new GEHA Board to express their thoughts about the open space area south of Birch St. between 2nd. and 3rd. As residents are aware, there is a trail along the Happy Canyon Creek with parking at the far south end of 2nd St. in the cul de sac. And, on a sunny day, HawkQuest can be seen training various birds of prey.

As part of her Development Watch efforts, GEHA Board member Tina Schwartz contacted Douglas County for information.

Ownership currently belongs to Douglas County, and any improvements would first need a “site plan” submitted to the County Commissioners. It would need to include all of the standard information such as: what is planned?, where is it planned?, who is developing the plan?, etc.

The second question under the “Community Development” section of our resident survey indicated that of the residents who responded, many felt that it should be left “as is.” There were various reasons cited, but one point that was reiterated by several residents was that with all of the development going on around us, it was great to have undeveloped open space right within our community. Other concerns were: cost, maintenance, a “hangout” for GVE teenagers, and use by individuals outside of our community.

The GEHA Board will take into consideration all resident input. If you didn’t answer the recent resident survey, feel free to email us with any thoughts or concerns.

Regardless of what is decided, the entire process may take a few months to determine whether there is enough interest to develop an initial plan. Not to mention additional community involvement being required to complete the extensive Douglas County planning process. And, as always, before proceeding any proposed plan would be put to a formal resident vote at a future quarterly meeting.

In March 2016, the GEHA Board was also notified about a Town of Parker public hearing scheduled for 3/21 on the proposed Belford South Metropolitan District on our north boundary specific to the Compark Village South planned development.

The GEHA Board had not previously received any information on this referral. However, the proposed “Service Plan” between the Town of Parker and the Belford South Metropolitan District was approved by the Town Council.

Detailed documents are available on the Town’s website, but following is a brief overview:

  • Projected population is 1,312 persons based on 2.5 persons per household.
  • Complete build out is anticipated to occur in 2019.
  • The service plan will cover: streets, water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, park and recreation.
  • Financing for the project will be primarily paid for initially by a fee imposed on the developers and through an ongoing mill levy imposed on residents.
  • Initial plans are for the Stonegate Village Metropolitan District to provide water and sewer infrastructure.

According to the Douglas County website, the proposed district will be conducting an independent mail ballot election for the organization and debt authorization in early May under TABOR requirements for preparation and mailing of the ballot notices and will not be coordinated through the Clerk and Recorder.

The proposed Chambers Highpoint development will be located on our north boundary approximately between 5th and 6th Sts. and then continuing north of Chambers Reservoir.

According to Karen Henry of Henry Design Group, the proposed development has been in the “works” for a number of years. The Town of Parker just recently began moving forward to complete the annexation process and begin work on zoning regulations and actual planned development.

Many residents on the north boundary were notified in October of 2015, about a neighborhood meeting, but according to Karen Henry, no one attended.

In addition, the former GEHA Board sent a referral response letter re: our concerns, but in further discussion with Karen Henry, she indicated that more than likely many of our concerns could not be addressed.

The good news is that a 100’ wide buffer/berm is proposed with xeriscape landscaping along the GVE common property line and a trail connection is proposed along Happy Canyon Creek on the north boundary in order to connect to the regional trail along E-470.

North boundary residents will be notified about any future public hearings.

A file of the revised planned development is attached in the form of a *.pdf file.

Update 3/18:  Development is currently on hold due to an Army Corp of Engineers jurisdictional determination that pertains to construction of a culvert so that a temporary construction road can be built into the development site from Peoria St.

Update 2/17:  The temporary access permit through GVE granted to Michael Vickers (the developer) for removal of asbestos debris on the Filbert properties on our north boundary expired on 1/31/17.

While there was some concern that additional demolition access would be requested by Vickers, the GEHA received some great news after additional follow up with the County!

Plans for the new Belford Ave. off of Peoria to the new Compark Village South development were recently approved by Douglas County. The applicant has also nearly completed the process of obtaining ROW and easements for the extension of Belford through the Cordillera property and gained approval of a temporary construction access road from Peoria which going forward will be used by the applicant while Belford Ave. is under construction.

The GEHA Committee appreciates the efforts of Douglas County in limiting access through GVE.

In early November ’16, all residents along Happy Canyon Creek in GVE received a letter from Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD) regarding the pending update of the FIRMs for Happy Canyon Creek and Badger Gulch in Douglas and Arapahoe Counties.  (A copy of the letter is attached as *.pdf file.)

Parcels along the creek will be mapped into a high risk flood zone which means the areas are subject to flooding in a 1% annual chance flood (also known as the base flood or 100-year floodplain).

Creek residents were provided with specific information where the new floodplain is in relation to their structures and/or property as a result of the new mapping.

Additional information is available at the following website: In addition, by drilling down to GVE on the FEMA Map Service Center’s website at: https://msc.fema/gov/portal, you can see the entire revised FIRM for GVE.

The revised flood maps are anticipated to become effective in early 2018. Some creek residents may be required by their mortgage company to purchase flood insurance, as is already the case for several creek residents under the current mapping system primarily north of Elm St.

The GEHA Committee recently contacted Douglas County regarding progress for Phase I of proposed infrastructure changes to Happy Canyon Creek primarily north of Elm St. The County had a meeting on February 8th with UDFCD and the next step will be to hire an engineering firm.

In the near future, creek residents will be involved in various planning meetings with all entities involved.